Monday, 2 July 2012

New Muscle Growth TESTOSTERONE CONVERSION FACTOR-1 8.2oz by Primordial Performance | Primordial Performance

Product Description

Raise total testosterone 42% in 12 days Converts cholesterol to testosterone Contains 100% naturally occurring d-amino acid No herbs - No stimulants - No steroids or hormones Human research shows that supplementing with TCF-1 can increase total testosterone production by 42% in only 12 days. (1) Furthermore - Out of the 23 participants, 20 had a significant increase in testosterone after just 12 days. The placebo group did not have an increase in testosterone. (1) TCF-1 contains no herbs TCF-1 contains no stimulants TCF-1 contains no steroids or hormones TCF-1 contains no "proprietary" or "secret ingredients" In other words, TCF-1 has nothing to hide. It provides real benefits with a proven ingredient. It also happens to be non-suppressive and 100% natural. TCF-1 is unlike anything the market has ever seen.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Good product November 15, 2011
By MeatHead889

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I recently used two bottles of this stuff back to back on a daily basis and have recovered quite well from my 12 week superdrol/test enanthate cycle. Minimal size and strengths losses about 2 months after PCT ended. However I was also taking high doses of Fenugreek and Tribulus along with Toremifene so Im sure that played a role as well. Love the taste and PP products in general have a certain scientific/professional legitamacy too them i find quite appealing. DAA will always be a staple of my PCT's in the future, this one specifically.

Yall will like this! September 13, 2011
By Joseph Warren

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Can't lie, this stuff really does have an affect. Not sure if its a long-standing affect, but I did feel a lot stronger and have a more swollen feeling while taking this. I have to admit that I was a bit more irritable during the 12 days, but nothing too drastic. I am taking the twelve days off now, but I am definitely going to go thru another 12 day cycle next month.